There are many methods and ways to cheat the slot machines in their quest to make a quick buck. Some of the earlier methods included putting a coin on a string and removing it before Swallowing it. Others involved modifying coins and tokens to make them similar enough to earn credits but different enough to be rejected by the slot machine and returned to the reject box.

They uncovered these methods, and people began to think of ways to increase their payouts. It only takes a slight change to make the slots more profitable for the player. Most slot machines return more than 90% of the money they were paid in prizes. The primary devices were the “monkey wire” and “light wand” were the prior devices.

Both had the same basic principle of manipulating. They calculated the way payouts. They were inserted via the payout system into the slot and then moved into the coin dispenser. Monkey wire was considered a high-risk strategy because your motives would be apparent if you were caught manipulating the machine.

The light wand was subtler and more sophisticated. Tommy Glenn Carmichael invented it. He is one of the most famous slots cheats. They made it from a lightbulb, a battery, and a wire that slipped deep into the machine. Because light is the primary way to count win payouts, placing the bulb in the correct place could confuse and increase the amount of cash that the machine would return. Again, this required that the player risk their money or be expelled from the casino.