Cleopatra online slots, also known as Cleopatra, are a favorite of Colombian gamblers. This is due to its beautiful theme and the fact that it can be found in the Rushbet casino section. You can find a free trial version on some websites. This will allow you to get familiar with the game and devise strategies to increase your chances of making a profit. Keep reading this text to learn more about the Cleopatra slot machine and all that is related.

Cleopatra slots perfectly fit an Egyptian theme. The game has 20 pay lines and five columns. It is essential to make combinations with symbols and make all five Cleopatra symbols visible to win the top prize worth ten thousand dollars.

Analyzing the return to player (or RTP, as the bettor prefers) of Cleopatra’s free casino game, 95.7% is the average. At the same time, its volatility aspect shows that it has a lower variance than other similar titles. It also has an Autoplay feature that allows you to measure between 10-50 spins. You can play Cleopatra slots for free in all cases.

The portal recharge can affect the player’s ability to adjust the coin value. The bets’ value can be measured in euros and converted to Colombian pesos. The minimum bet is 0.20, which is roughly 912 pesos. The maximum bet is 100 (equivalent home 455 million pesos).

  • The buttons on the Cleopatra slots machine also need to be explained.
  • The one with the lines will be the first on the left. It can have a maximum number of 20, and the smallest number will be 1.
  • We also have the betting lines right next to us. They can reach a maximum of 3000, which means increasing the stakes.
  • The spin button will be in the middle. This will determine the outcome.
  • The autoplay button will be located in the upper right corner. You can choose between a minimum of 10 or a maximum of 50 spins.
  • The image below shows seven more spins while the machine draws results.

Cleopatra slot machine symbols

We will explain each multiplier for each symbol below.

Cleopatra symbol


It is the wild symbol and the one that provides the highest multipliers and wins. It multiplies all winnings by ten if it has two identical symbols. If you have five of them, it can multiply everything by 10 000. This means that smaller combinations will yield you more coins but higher winnings. Four times you go out is two thousand. Three is 200, and two is 10.


It functions the same as the scatter. If you get five of them, your winnings can be multiplied by 100. It is also the only symbol Cleopatra can substitute for.


The winnings, in this instance, can be multiplied by a substantial 750. Four represents 100, three, 25, and two, respectively, are the smaller values.


It has a minimum win of 2 and a maximum win of 750, just like the scarab. The values are the same as the scarab, despite decreasing combinations.

Earrings in gold

Three symbols on the spin will result in a win. If five appear, it can be x400. If there were four symbols, it would equal 100 coins. If there were three, it’d be 15.

The staff and the flail

The first intermediate symbol of the game. Its maximum value is x250 when there are five identical symbols on the screen. They are already 75, and there are three more.

Eye of the horus

A symbol with a value similar to the one before it, but with four characters, instead of multiplying by 75, will do the same by 50. It will have a maximum value of 250 and a minimum of ten if it appears with three.

Each one has a maximum multiplier value of 100. The difference is that the nine allows for a double win by using two symbols of the same.

What are the prizes in Cleopatra slot machines?

Online casino users must be familiar with the Cleopatra slot machine and the prizes they aim for. Rushbet’s Cleopatra slot has 20 pay lines. You have a good chance of winning awards or getting free spins. Knowing how to play to succeed will help you improve your gaming experience and make a better impression on the game.

Some websites offer a demo version of Cleopatra, a popular slot machine. This free demo version is available to you to gain valuable experience. You can use it to practice and learn the best strategies for winning real money. You don’t have to lose any welcome bonus money you received in an online casino where you registered.

Whatever your choice, you must understand that the jackpot is five Cleopatra symbols. Characters must be placed in consecutive rows starting at the extreme left to achieve winning combinations.

The scatter, which in this instance is the sphinx, is the highest-paying symbol. It is also the one that pays the most with the highest combination of values. Free spins will also depend on the number of Scatters. Depending on multipliers, it can be anywhere between 15 and 180 free spins.

It should be noted, however, that Cleopatra’s free slot games don’t have a Jackpot. While there are many other versions of this game, the classic one does not have it.

Many websites offer online gambling services that have the Cleopatra slots machine. However, not all of them can provide legal play. Rushbet is the company that offers the most slots to registered players. This is because it has a Coljuegos license and can legally offer online casino services.

Rushbet offers an introductory welcome bonus, but they will give you more if you register. Rushbet provides a bonus that doubles your first income up to a maximum amount of 40,000 pesos. You must play this amount ten times in all of the casino games. Once you control played the minimum number of times, the bonus money will be unlocked and available for withdrawal. This bonus can test any strategies you have developed while playing the free version.

Cleopatra’s free slots machines: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is a classic and works well for those new to slot machine operation.
  • Its RTP ensures reasonable payments due to its combinations.
  • If you’re lucky, the free spins feature could be highly lucrative.


  • It does not offer many additional features, such as the jackpot.
  • It is straightforward to see for some bettors.