The players that are scattered around the world, for more than 400 years have enjoyed the famous wheel that spins while bouncing the roulette ball, and only fans know the fun that this game transmits, and there is still a long way to go. More people also try this fun.

Blackjack and poker generally need more skill, and although other casino games such as slot machines, also offer very large potential prizes, the player always takes the game of roulette as a favorite, becoming considered the game par excellence when it comes to earning money.

Regardless of whether you play online in one of the best known online casinos, in a game room, or in a brick, the way in which the game of roulette is played is unmistakable.

For this game it is not necessary to have to make complicated decisions or take to the letter some strategy table, you just have to wait for luck to be on your side and for fortune to enter your pocket.

Learn a little more about the game of roulette

If you talk about online gambling Australia or Las Vegas, the game of roulette cannot fail to be mentioned, and through the baseline are guided when playing all expert players, who can also make the selection of games with sounds.

When a player, instead of playing in a physical casino, decides to play in an online casino, he knows that this currency leaves old-world roulette in oblivion, so he keeps on searching for them.

This game of roulette is originally from France, and the French created it as it is today, with spaces alternated between red and black. In addition to the colors red and black included, low, height, even or odd.

The difference between before and now is that during the 17th century the players only had to choose from 24 to 28 numbers, and they only had a green “0” space that it provided the house for all money bets.

A casino operator eventually pointed out that more numbers on the wheel are the same or give less chance of winning, but this is according to the perspective that each player has when playing. Gradually with the changes that have arisen in the game of roulette, the alignment used today 1-36 was added.

As for the odds against it, the traditional version of French roulette was more favorable. The rule known as “La Partage”, “The Divide” in French, was used in French roulette with a percentage of 1.35 to give an advantage of the lower house.

If this is the first time you hear the name of this rule called “La Partage,” this is the way it works:

A bet is placed – even money on French roulette -, after this, it can be seen by players how the ball finds the green space “0”, which is considered the most feared space in 1 of every 37 spins made.

If your bet is $10 in red/black, low/high, or even / odd, with Partage this bet may not be fully claimed by the casino. To pick up halfway back with a refund, or for the casino to pick up half by itself, it can be divided up to $5.

For all players, losing only half of their money bet, even if the “0” hits, is considered to be in luck. The house advantage in French roulette is very considerable with 1.5% playing under that rule.

In modern casinos, the player does not usually get positive things, but in Sin City, this rule has unquestionably become something incredible. European roulette has a house advantage of 2.70%, which means double the rate offered by La partage in French roulette.

In this list of the 6 best casinos to play roulette when you go to the Las Vegas strip, you will be lucky because you will know which ones to go directly and not waste time in boring places.

1- The MGM Grand Wolf

16 tables of roulette tables await you at the MGM Grand, surely when you enter you will not want to leave for a long time, and it has a very particular “crazy lion” entrance door, so you will literally feel entering the mouth of a Wolf.

You will find two French tables that have the La Partage rule that gives a 1.5% house advantage, so they are considered the best group of tables.

Players must place a minimum bet of $25 on uniform “out” money bets, which makes it a change in those odds. This is the standard for the French roulette game in the strip, although it is a high price to pay for the players.

Here you can also find 11 American double-zero tables to bet a minimum of $10 and three in which you can enter with $3if you do not want to place a $25 bet on French roulette.

2- The modern Aria Resort & Casino

Luxury is the keyword in Aria Resort & Casino, a very modern space that provides quality service while enjoying interior designs inspired by artistic elements.

This incredible design can also be seen from the roulette game tables, and you can play with minimum bets of $50 in this space that features a single French wheel.

There are also American tables, in which as a player you can place bets with 11 doubles and an initial bet of $5 with a limit of $15.

3- Mandalay Bay

This casino has an MGM Resorts, and its roulette is similar to MGM Grand and La Aria.

Each of the players will feel very satisfied to be able to play in French roulette under the rule of the Partage, and you can bet on this pair of French wheels for a limit of $50, and if you choose to play at any of the nine tables American double zero, with a minimum of $10, you can bet.

If you are an occasional player and it is enough to play for a cheap amount, the American wheel is the perfect one since you can bet $10 as a minimum rate.

4- The famous Cromwell Hotel & Casino

It is considered the casino with the best tables in all of Las Vegas.Although there is no Partage, you will find an American table with a price of $2 and $10, and European tables to play for a minimum of $25.

5- Flamingo Las Vegas

With a limit of $1, you can enter this neon pink space.

With low limits, you can play in the double zero wheels on the strip.

Although you can also play for a higher amount of $10, at one of the 10 tables that use this amount as a minimum bet.

6- Roulette in Cosmopolitan

The 13 different wheels in this casino are made for those players who do not like to wait until the opening of the tables, a reason to love Cosmopolitan.

With $10 minimum double zero or $3 you can place your bets.


The casinos on the Strip are so bold that they could in the future add another zero to the wheel. Each player seeks to match the odds, especially in the French wheels that offer great advantages to the players.

The game of roulette, which originated in France more than four centuries ago, has long captivated players across the globe. From the spinning wheel and bouncing ball to the anticipation of the bet, its allure transcends borders. Despite the allure of blackjack and poker, requiring strategic prowess, or the jackpot potential of slot machines, the simplicity and thrill of roulette have cemented it as the go-to casino game for profit seekers.

Whether in a renowned online casino, a local gaming parlor, or a physical casino pulsating with energy, roulette’s essence remains unchanged. No complex decisions, no elaborate strategies – just a reliance on Lady Luck to usher in a cascade of coins.

Roulette’s origins lie in France, where the game was first designed with alternating red and black spaces and a solitary green “0,” which tipped the scales in favor of the house. Over time, the wheel expanded to include more numbers, reaching a total of 24 to 28 by the 17th century.

Fast forward to the present, and you’ll find wheels bearing 1-36 numbers, a change that has brought more complexity and appeal to this timeless game. Intriguingly, the original French version of roulette was more player-friendly, implementing a rule called “La Partage,” or “The Divide.” This rule implied that if the ball hit the dreaded “0,” the casino couldn’t claim the entire bet. Instead, it was split, with half returned to the player.

Modern casinos seldom offer such player-friendly rules. Yet, some, like those in Sin City, still do. Here, you’ll find European roulette, boasting a house advantage of 2.70%, nearly twice that of French roulette with the La Partage rule.

Roulette enthusiasts visiting the Las Vegas Strip have a variety of notable casinos to choose from. The MGM Grand Wolf, home to 16 roulette tables, including two implementing the La Partage rule, is a top pick. For those preferring a modern vibe, the Aria Resort & Casino offers a unique blend of style, service, and, of course, roulette. Mandalay Bay, Cromwell Hotel & Casino, Flamingo Las Vegas, and Cosmopolitan are other hotspots worth a spin.

In essence, roulette continues to fascinate with its tantalizing blend of strategy, luck, and the suspense of the spin. Its timeless appeal, whether enjoyed online or within the glittering confines of a casino, coupled with the potential for significant wins, ensures it will captivate future generations of players.