Karate Pig may sound like the third Babe film cut from the final version, but it is a 5-reel, high-variance video slot by Microgaming, the leading provider of online slot machines. The game occurs in feudal Japan, with cute animals like the eponymous hog. It is similar to many Microgaming 5×3 titles. They all have stacked wilds, scattered symbols, and fun bonus games.

The game offers 40 paylines, meaning a jackpot of 10,000 coins is available immediately. The coin range is 0.01 to 0.50, so a wide variety of players can participate. Claiming that this game has a meaningful message is not a good idea. It’s just not. Karate Pig is what good slots should be: silly, entertaining, and potentially lucrative.

Smirking Symbols

The symbols are having a great time, although it’s unclear what makes them so happy. You think this is supposed to represent feudal Japan; shouldn’t everybody be wearing their game faces? The reels are filled with chuckling Buddhas (Japanese Raccoon Dogs), smirking Geishas, smiling lucky kittens, and chuckling Tanukis. The reels are also filled with bonsai trees, sushi huts, a tusked creature wearing a cut-off shirt and biceps that look like Phil Heath, as well as the Karate Pig, dressed in his white karate outfit, ready to wax, wax off, or kick someone’s arse, one way or the other.

The Name Of The Game

You’ll recognize the objective of the game: to create lines of matching combinations to win scratch. Karate Pig pays all wins left-to-right, except for the scatter, which pays any. The bonus wins are then added to the regular paylines.

Karate Pig, unlike some other 5-reel slots, does not reward you if you land two matching symbols. You must score at least three. The bonsai pays 25 cents for three lines and 225 cents for five. The muscular tusked animal (we cannot, for the life we know, identify what or who he represents) pays 75 for a line of three and 375 for a five-in a row; the chubby Karate Pig, on the other, pays 250 for a three-in-aline and an incredible 3,750 for a five-in-a-row.

Five Karate Pig Logos will award you the 10,000 jackpot. If you land three or even four symbols, you will still receive solid payouts of 500 and 2,500, respectively. The highest winning line is always paid.

Bumper Bonuses

Karate Pig is more than just a formulaic game. The bonuses are numerous, but we have yet to discuss them. You should know that the Karate Pig logo appears in stacks and is wild. It substitutes for any symbol except the gold coins scatter and bonus scatter. The latter is a close-up of a grinning piggy.

Karate Pig’s real strength is its bonus games. You can win 15 free swirls with a 2x multiplier by landing two scatter coins anywhere on reels 1 and 5. This will activate the (re-triggerable) free spins feature. You can choose from the Hammer Bonus or Pork Chop Bonus if you hit three or more scatter symbols of the ‘bonus-pig.’You will receive a traditional karate belt each time you complete either of these features. You can enter the Final Showdown bonus feature if you earn all seven belts.

The Pork Chop Bonus and the Hammer Bonus are classic features, where the player has to choose from six options. Karate Pig then shows off his skills. They aren’t limited to martial arts. He is also a musician and sushi chef.

The Final Showdown Bonus is a three-round battle between the Karate Pig and the muscular-tusked creature. If the pig defeats the muscular tusked creature, you’ll laugh to your bank.

All Set For Pig Winnings?

Karate Pig pays a lot of attention to bonus features to attract players. Some bonus features are better than others (two scatters for free spins?)Yes, please), though. We’re cynics, but we find guessing games bonuses rather trite. They slow down the action. This is still a fun game that can pay out well, depending on your volatility.

King Cashalot Slots

King Cashalot is one of the oldest and most popular online progressive slots. This Microgaming game offers players the chance to win a massive jackpot. The average prize regularly exceeds one million dollars. Imagine all the money you could spend! Review the review, familiarize yourself with the game, and decide whether you want a piece.

Viper’s King Cashalot has five reels and nine paylines and integrates a medieval-themed game with multipliers, wilds, and scatters. It also includes a free spin round. You can bankrupt the King Cashalot by playing in either expert or regular mode. However, the autoplay feature is only available in expert way.

Gold Everywhere

Gold is young in King Cashalot. The reels are adorned with more gold than a rapper can wear around his neck. The symbols include a handsome prince in a suit of gold armor, the obscenely wealthy King Cashalot with a red and gold robe and gold crown, a damsel sporting a headband of gold, and a dragon. The symbols include a golden dragon, blueberry puddings, giant ham hocks, and fish bowls. Sound effects are used to convey the medieval theme of the slot. As players spin the reels, they hear royal music.

If you have not guessed, the goal is to create matching combinations. All wins are paid left-to-right, except for the scatter symbol. Players can bet between 0.01 and $0.45 per spin. The King symbol pays out the most, with a massive 15,000x multiplier for five symbols in a row. Five queens pay 1,000, while five knights pay 500. The scatter symbol, the jester, appears on all five reels. The scatter symbol pays out only a small amount and does not grant any free spins. Five-in-a-line pays out a meager 50. On the positive side, scatters pay even when no lines are active.

King Cashalot, besides being the valid money symbol of the game, is also wild and can substitute all symbols, except for the scatter and golden Dragon, to form winning combinations. In addition, if a wild symbol is used to complete a winning combination, the prize will be doubled.

In addition, the player must place the maximum amount of coins to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. This is won by landing five King Cashalot symbols on the ninth line. Players must bet five coins per payline to win the progressive jackpot. As stated above, the progressive jackpot begins at 100,000 but often exceeds one million. In some cases, the bank has reached 1.7 million. The progressive jackpot pays out on average every 40 to 50 weeks. This game is geared towards cash players and is very popular at Dutch online casinos.

Special Features

You’ll unlikely win the progressive jackpot, but the Treasure Bonus Game is a much better option. The Treasure Bonus Game is triggered when three golden dragons appear anywhere on reels 2, 3, and 4. You can open up three chests to reveal prizes in the bonus round. The chests are opened individually, and the tips you find can be kept or discarded.

All bonus contest wins are multiplied by the number of paylines and coins bet per line. The more you gamble, the bigger the money you win.

Fit for a King?

Given the enormous progressive jackpot, it’s no wonder players keep returning. The fun gameplay and the enticing bonus features also play a part. The game is an excellent choice for low-rollers with many small wins. Free spins would have improved the game, and many players may lament its lack of a gambling function. However, on the whole, King Cashalot is an excellent slot.