One day I had an invitation from my friend to go with him a film festival or co-incidentally it was the last day of the week so I could go there. Or I can say it was my lucky day to meet my favorite celebrity there. There we saw some short movies and I would definitely say that was fabulous and amazing day of my life.

After spending the whole day with all of this I went to the casino with my friend there I usually go so I started playing some bet on my favorite machine and started playing with it but suddenly I heard from the bar tender that they launched a new one for the gamblers. So I googled about the new your lucky day pokie game and I found really amazing reviews from the users. So before playing there with it I returned to home and downloaded that on my android phone and was tried to make my day lucky.

Your Lucky Day Slot

And luckily it was for me for me I got my lucky number through which I got a big winning amount. But still I took a slot review from the different online gaming site. So here I am definitely telling you the procedure for playing this one. Make an account on the gaming site and always remember your password by which you can sign in on this and can play some spins either free or to be buy from the PayPal. Some offers free credits during your registration on that one. So play safe and secure with the most amazing fruit machine and get you luck with jackpot.