Want to experience pure spinning action without the distractions of today’s slot machines? With its retro look and simple spinning action, Super Spinner Bar X could be just the game for you.

 You can see how simple this game is with only five symbols in a 5-reel, 10-payline game. The slot machine from Blueprint Gaming is easy to recreate and can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. The bonus Jackpot King round will allow experienced high rollers to play with some extra gameplay. This gives them the chance to win a progressive jackpot.

As Simple as They Are

 Super Spinner Bar X is one the least exciting slot machines on the Internet. This is because the five symbols on the reels are not enough to form combinations. One of these symbols does not award any winnings when appearing as a row along any paylines. The “blank icon” is represented by a “0”, while the other icons that pay are a simple “BAR” and an “X.”

 We will explain later the two bonus features available to players with the remaining two symbols.

There’s Not Much to See

 This Blueprint slot machine could look better. The reel symbols have a crude, simple design that shows the basic icons as flat and lifeless. There are no animations in this slot.

 It’s not surprising that the retro theme game looks a bit primitive. The genre is known for putting the spinning action first, not the over-the-top decorations. This retro game has different superb and colorful fruit symbols than you see on most old-school slots, which makes it look incredibly dull.

Redeemed in the Gameplay Department

 This slot machine will give punters the opportunity to win some extra money to put towards their wagering balance. This game is excellent for beginners to learn how to play video slots, as only two symbols will pay out when they emerge on the reels.

 This game differs from the “classic” slots in that it awards its winnings whenever three or more symbols line up along any of the 19, regardless of the position of the first symbol on the five reels. You can easily find a line of winnings that goes from the second to the fourth reel, just like you can find one from the first to the third reel – which is more common on slot machines.

 If you get a winning combination on the reels, your stakes will be multiplied according to the following values:

Bit of Bonus Action

 If the maximum bet on the line is placed, the punter can win a jackpot of up to 25,000 credits if they line up five BAR symbols in a row. There are other ways to win this retro-style game thanks to two unique bonus icons.

 When three, four, or even five symbols appear on the payline, players are awarded a certain number of Super Spins. They are similar to free spins, except they are played with new reels. This will ensure a win on every spin.

 This symbol offers a chance to win the progressive jackpot. This bonus can be activated by five “Jackpot King’ icons appearing on the reels. These will then start a set of new reels, which contain crowns. Crowns can be added to increase prizes. The Wheel King Bonus will be activated if 15 or more crowns have been found. This increases the potential for winnings thanks to the progressive jackpot!

Simple Spins with Progressive Jackpot Potential

 Visually, Super Spinner Bar X could be more enjoyable. The game’s theme is also dull, with no fruity icons to add a retro touch. The Blueprint Gaming slot machine is an excellent option for punters enjoying classic games with extra bonus features.

Diamond Jackpots Slots

 Blueprint Gaming has a new slot for players that can offer them life-changing winnings. Diamond Jackpots is a classic 5-reel slot with ten paylines and a linked progressive jackpot feature. The big-win feature will surprise you and reward high rollers with cash via multipliers.

 This game is optimized for real-money slot apps and proposes a wide range of bets, from 0.10 per spin to 500.00. We will describe the bonus feature in detail, but this feature can transform your game from ordinary to extraordinary. You can trigger an incredible 10,000x multiplier in addition to the thrilling feature. And that’s only the base game.

Glittering Jewels

 Diamond Jackpots is a free slot with a jewels theme. You can expect to see diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds on the reels. Only the card values 10, J, Q, and K are in different colors. Blueprint Gaming has designed this slot to be visually appealing and uncluttered. Other online slots have a large control panel with many options, which takes up a lot of space on your screen.

 The bet adjustment is to the left, while the spin options and balance are displayed in the small black box at the bottom of the screen. The auto spin feature is great because it allows you to unwind and watch the reels automatically spin. Pressing spin after spin becomes tedious.

Enjoy the thrill of winning huge jackpots.

 The biggest prize is the 10,000x multiplier for a full slot of diamonds. You can get a 1,000x bonus if you hit five diamonds. It’s less generous than the main prize but still a great deal. The medium value symbols can offer you between 400x and 1,000x your stake. They are activated when the gemstones appear on a winning line. You can trigger huge multipliers during the Jackpot King feature to increase your bets dramatically. It also offers big cash through multipliers, plus progressive jackpots, which continue to grow.

King of Features

 This slot has no bonus features, such as wild symbols or free games. Instead, it has a feature that is randomly triggered. You can start the Jackpot King feature after any spin – winning or losing. You must have at least five golden crowns on the reels to do this. You will be warned when it is about to occur, as the reels change color from royal red and golden crowns begin to appear. The multiplier will be displayed on a grid. This shows you the multiplier that you’ve been awarded. You can then choose from the gold treasures to reveal your cash prize. If you are lucky enough to activate the feature’s Wheel King element, you can win even larger multipliers and progressive Jackpots.

All or Nothing

 Diamond Jackpots has a medium-to-high variance, meaning you will not benefit from frequent winnings. If you are a big spender, it could cost you quite a bit between wins. It is the only available feature that brings in the most money, which can be disappointing after playing for a while.  The fact that you activate the bonus feature doesn’t guarantee you a fortune. We won 150.00 on our 100.00 bet, which was common. Unfortunately, the bonus feature does not come around very often. There is the potential to win big or even huge, but you will only get there if you are a high roller with a large bankroll.